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Waterproof, Fireproof, Buoyant, Survivable Bags/Pouches.

These special bags/pouches protect your critical important personal records and electronics to survive floods, fires, and all disasters and make them ready to reestablish your lives.



Provides a comprehensive outline and methodology for compiling and integrating family and personal critical information into a composite, vital Book of Record. RecordMaster will assist your family and personal representatives by accumulating your most critical information in one comprehensive document for easy and rapid reference under all circumstances. The RecordMaster, when stored within the FireMaster and/or the DisasterMaster, will be protected from damage by fire, floods, and most natural disasters. Once recovered, it will be available to assist members of your family by providing access to identify critical information. The format will guide you in a step by step manner to identify, assemble, locate, and record all critical family and personal information as a master file. As you will discover, this is a comprehensive outline of Estate Information, Personal Information, Marital Information, Medical Information, Household Effects Inventories, Locations of important documents, Financial Information and Investment Accounts, Asset & Real Estate Information, Business Information, Vehicle Information, Insurance Information, Memorial Instructions, Advisors and Consultant Information, Family and Friends to contact, and many other matters of importance.



A lightweight, portable, quality, smart looking, critical records StrongHolder designed and manufactured using fire retardant SPACE AGE materials. The inner fabric has a 2080°F melting point. FireMaster’s external surface is covered with thousands of tiny specular mirrors that radiate 95% of the ambient infrared heat away from the StrongHolder, keeping a 2-inch stack of documents well protected. Small enough to grab-n-go in an emergency yet large enough to protect lots of your critical documents. Can be easily stored in File Cabinets, Desks, Safes, or your special hiding place.



A lightweight portable, quality, smart looking, critical records StrongHolder that incorporates the unique features of the FireMaster along with an inner document container that’s made with a patented LEAKPROOF AIRTIGHT SEAL certified & waterproof up to 200 feet below sea level. This is the same type of seal that was tested and approved by the U.S. Navy Diving Unit. DisasterMaster also contains an embedded flotation collar. When combined, DisasterMaster’s proprietary FIRE RETARDANT, LEAKPROOF AIRTIGHT SEAL and FLOATING features keep a 10lb., 2-inch stack of your critical documents safe, dry and secure. Small enough to grab-n-go in an emergency and large enough to protect most of your critical documents.




Fire Tested checkmark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
Waterproof nomark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
Floats nomark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
Durable checkmark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
Pliable checkmark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
Crush Resistant checkmark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
Abrasion Resistant checkmark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
Grab & Go checkmark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
Lightweight checkmark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
Includes RecordMaster checkmark-icon.png checkmark-icon.png
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