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Exciting New Family Start-Up Small Business


Information Stronghold, Inc. is a small business startup with a passion to help those in distress, those smartly preparing for possible tragedies, and those that need a kick start to get organized.  We offer an innovative, inexpensive grab-n-go ready bag/pouch housing family's important documents/papers/electronics/backup data to safely and securely avoid a loss after tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, accidents, mud slides, fires, accidents, etc.

  We debated for months how to engineer appropriate products and found all of us needed assistance in identifying what is important and what needs to be secured.  This drove us to compose and publish our RecordMaster which will help anyone know what is vital to reconstructing ones life after a tragedy whether natural or unnatural disaster. How do you prove to FEMA that the house you just lost is in fact your house?  This is not so easy when you loose all your evidence in a fire, for instance.  How do you help and assist your family in knowing where those vital documents are located?  These are the types of problems our Company wants to solve, so we invented, designed, manufactured specialty bags/pouches to be fire retardant, waterproof, floatable, organized, identifiable, crushproof and at your ready!  These are no ordinary pouches/bags--patented materials, patented waterproof insert.--Made In America.

   Our small business manufacturer is responsible to protect our Made In America Guarantee.  This is very important to our Company and we are proud of it.  Our start-up is worthy of a case study in any business school in America and we will save that for another day.  The Stronghold Series pouches/bags will help every family be prepared to evacuate, or rebuild after a tragedy.  We personally have experienced these issues unfortunately and there was not such a bag/pouch available at that time.  Yes, we believe we are selling the best market products today and they will provide you needed and valuable peace of mind.

   Please review our new web site and provide your feedback.  Thanks.

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